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Memorable Wedding Photography by Stanley Krute

I love weddings, and I love taking wedding pictures.

It's such a miracle when two souls find one another, and pledge to travel life's paths as one. Family and friends of all ages gather to celebrate this major wonderment. A wedding brings people together in a way that's all too rare in the modern world.

With the advent of high-quality digital SLR cameras, it's possible to get better wedding pictures than ever before. Digital SLRs make it much easier to nail all the technical elements of great photography -- lighting, exposure, focus, composition, color. That lets photographers put more time and energy into the truly important stuff: people, their relationships, and the joyous nature of this happiest of days.

My goal as a wedding photographer is to give you a set of images that will warm your hearts and tickle good memories today and far into the future. I strive to provide the highest level of quality -- I use Nikon and Canon professional lenses and cameras, and our prints are rated at 80+ years before any noticeable color fading -- at prices that are affordable for everyday folks.